Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Lovely day

And it's got nothing to do with it being a supposed 'holiday'.

After a less-than-ideal weekend weather-wise, sunny temps in the mid-30's were a welcome change this morning and provided for a pleasant shakeout run. I ran my standard five mile Tuesday morning loop in a hair over 35 minutes and my legs themselves feel fine after a good day of mileage yesterday. My left ankle is still pretty sore though and it's really starting to annoy the hell out of me. The plan is to hit the track for a workout tonight, but if that bastard starts aggravating me at any point, I won't hesitate to pull the plug. The tight turns of indoor are really starting to take its toll on my lower extremities and have been leaving me quit sore after recent track sessions, even after as few as two miles of intervals. It's not worth pushing through at this point and risking possible long-term injury. We'll see how it goes tonight and take it from there.

And that's gonna do it for now, I've got a few errands to run before heading into the city. We're actually going an hour early this evening, so I may have time for an update later, but no promises. Take it easy all.

Quote of the day:

There are plenty of runners who work hard. But training hard means training consistently, and doing it with patience and confidence.
- Rob de Castella


Katie Gwyth said...

Driscoll & I in Mass this Friday = Mario, you better be up for a run with two of QU's finest ;)

Mario said...

Sounds like a logical equation to me. See you cool cats on Friday.

katie gwyth said...