Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Baby carrots-n-peanut butter

Not exactly celery and cream cheese, but it managed to satisfy my snack craving this afternoon. I suggest trying the combination some time. These seemingly polar opposites go surprisingly well together - at least I think they do - but those of you who know me well enough probably aren't surprised by this claim, considering some of my past culinary combinations. Either way, give it a whirl, but avoid using cream cheese in place of peanut butter. Just take my word for it on that one.

- So I'm watching the 11 o'clock news right now and Barry Bonds is on my TV screen, in drag nonetheless. He looks kinda like Paula Abdul on the juice, but then again, maybe that was the idea. What a clown - it appears all those roids have shrunk his testicles. That's all I gotta say about him, or her, for that matter.

- The weatherman just took Mr. Bond's place on the screen and said we're due to get 4-6 inches of snow on Thursday. On second though, bring back Barry, even if he's in drag.

- As for running, I successfully completed the bush league 6/4 double today. I ran (no Gallowalking today!) on the roads from home this morning for 43:30, experiencing some minor tightness in my Achilles for the first mile or so before it subsided. The soreness ultimately returned afterwards, but I managed to keep it under control throughout the day and hopped on the treadmill this evening for an easy four miles in 27:30. Again, some tightness but nothing overly terrible. I've been continuing with my icing/ibuprofen routine and began integrating some eccentric calf raises last night. Hopefully all this preventative rehab stuff will help get rid of this annoying bastard sooner than later. I'm gonna continue taking things one day at a time right now and back off if need be. Hopefully that's not the case, but I'll do what I gotta do I guess.

- Lastly, a little equation to tie up this entry: The Olympics are over = Conan is back on NBC = Life is good.

And that's gonna do it for tonight. One more round of icing before I watch Conan do his little jump thingee and head to bed. G'night all.

Quote of the day:

Remember, I ran the 800m and 1500m in college. Plus, brothers are supposed to be sprinters, not distance runners. At least that's what my elementary school p.e. teacher told me.
- Henry Dennis (yet again!), 17th in the 4K and 8th in the 12K at USA XC's

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