Thursday, February 23, 2006

Now or never

While its still early in the night and relatively quiet here at work, I'll take the opportunity to get in a quick entry so I don't have to scramble to do so later.

My morning started off on the massage table for my monthly maintenance tuneup with Cathy and her evil elbow, and for some reason she went pretty easy on me today - meaning that I didn't have to hold on to the table for dear life during any part of the session. I'm fairly certain that this is the first time in the six months that she's been working on me that this has been the case. This isn't such a bad thing.

As for running, I was planning on a medium long run this afternoon, somewhere in the neighborhood of 14-15 miles. My right (good) Achilles tendon has been a bit tight since stepping in a hole Tuesday night, so I decided to play it one step at a time (literally) and adjust accordingly. Once I got going, I didn't encounter any major problems or discomfort, but decided to cap the run at 10 miles just to be safe. Once I stopped, however, the tightness resurfaced and I spent the rest of my afternoon packing it in ice. Its a wee-bit swollen down there but nothing overly terrible. Having partially torn my left achilles last winter and spending the better part of two months on the comfort of my own ass, I'm keeping a close eye on this little bugger. Depending how it responds to treatment, I plan on taking the next few days pretty low key, or even completely off if I have to - whatever it takes to let the bastard heal. Actually, Katie G just gave me some good advice: Be smart! Well, the plan is to do just that.

Not too much else to report on this end. Tomorrow night I'm covering the MIAA State Track Championships at the Reg, which should be a rousing good time. My assignment is a 15-inch sider on the top local performer at the meet. Hopefully, someone does something spectacular and makes my job easy. With the way the indoor season has panned out thus far for CMass- athletes, however, let's just say I'll be crossing my fingers and hoping for a small miracle.

Speaking of small miracles, I'm surprised that I'm still able to add to this entry at 10:30 p.m. I think I'll quit now while I'm ahead. Luckily, Josh is the boss tonight and the T&G Sports ship is being run rather smoothly. If all my layout shifts this week could only have been so stress-free.

And that's gonna do it for tonight. Good luck to any and all audience members competing in this weekend's New England Collegiate Championships. Your sucesses will be highlighted in this space as they occur.

Take it easy all.

Quote of the day:

For the distance runner, pain was a stimulus rather than a brake. Mind and will, not muscle and genes, formed his capital. Many athletes could run fast, but only a man of valor could run fast and long, bending pain to his purpose.
- John Brant, Duel in the Sun

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