Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Short-n-sweet... how I would best characterize last night's workout, and due to time constraints, these same two adjectives will accurately describe this here blog entry as well.

First and foremost, the workout. 5 x 600m w/2:15 recovery, hitting 1:44, 1:43, 1:42, 1:39, 1:39. Mark, Brad and I took turns leading each interval and were pretty much dead-on with the times we were aiming to hit. As usual, the track was rather crowded, but we managed to time our take-offs fairly well and avoided any major disasters. This was a good little workout to hype the system one last time before Saturday's race without taxing the legs too much.

Today's run was reserved for recovery, so I opted to traverse the same 10-mile loop as Monday and covered it in a relaxed 68 minutes. My legs themselves felt fine after last night's effort but my left ankle is quite sore from the tight turns of the indoor track. It still hasn't fully mended from Saturday's new sprain either, so I've been trying to give it some extra attention of late with a couple bags of ice and an occasional dose of ibuprofen. While that bastard will never be 100% - ever - but I do what I can to keep it functioning somewhat normally.

Along these same lines, keeping with the above theme of recovery, and ending this entry at the same time, I bring to you the following quote by Sarah Schwald from a recent interview with Scott Douglas:

A lot of Americans don’t recover properly. Now I know that there’s a value to all components of your training, and that all the little things are just as important as working hard. But we’re brought up with this philosophy that as long as you work harder than your competitors, you’ll be better than them. That’s not an attitude that keeps you healthy.


Anonymous said...

well well well, as a former runner and (Na im not gonna give you a second clue) i can officially say that you have done careful maintenance in striving for running insanity as evident by this new thing "the daily BlahhhhGG" hahaha I although can see that your current Newspaper job has increased your writing ability as these blogs have a story telling type rythym to them

anyways your insanity is very entertaining as i just can't imagine what's next in this "running Super Crush" that you estabished some 8 years ago back as a junior in Highschool.

I figured that Post college real life might have slowed this insanity down (Job Girlfriend career) but your as committed as ever.
I wonder sometime if you'll ever stop and get a 9 to 5er or if you'll be 20 years down the road one of the greatest "MAster" runners of all-time doing 2 a days at age 44 hitting 85 miles a week and running 5 miles to your childs school only to strap them to your back and run them back home.

but anyways ill let you guess as to who this is
Some advice from the retired:
Go to a bar once every 2 weekends.
Get a shot because at your weight with the training program your on thats all its gonna take
learn to like beer
and most importantly
Find some chicks to release that lactic acid build up
and get a girlfriend STAT
prefferably one that runs

Adios Amigos

Mario said...

Early guesses-

- Pat Long (the elder)
- Francis G.
- Crazy 'ol Divito