Saturday, February 04, 2006

Down, but not out

About time! Unless I'm an idiot, which isn't that unlikely, this website was down a majority of the afternoon/evening so I was unable to update earlier today. Now that it's nearly 11 p.m. and I'm about hto head home from work, I have very little time for an extensive entry of any sort, so please forgive my brevity. A few quick updates:

- Good workout last night: 2K, 2 x 1200m, 400 - all with 5 min recovery. It was just Mark, Ryan and I for this one, so Kev had us work together and run 5 min pace on the 2K, then Ryan did his thing for the 1200's while Mark and I traded off 69-second quarters. We finshed up with a fast 400 - me in 60, and Ryan and Mark in 62, 63, respectively. I felt better as the workout progressed and hit times of 6:12 on the 2K and 3:27/24 for the 12's. It was another good confidence booster heading into next weekend. Easy does it over the next week, just gotta put it all together on Saturday.

- Ran with Ryan and Christy Mae out in Clinton this morning. Nice day out, we got on the trails and of course I re-rolled my left ankle - the same one that's given me trouble for the greater part of a year now - yet again. F'n sucks, but I don't think I did any new damage even though its pretty swollen right now - probably from sitting on my ass here at work for the last 7+ hours. Gotta keep an eye (and ice) on it and I should be fine. We ran easily for 70 minutes and covered about 10 miles. Other than the ankle mishaps - Ryan had a minor one as well - it was a good run. Tomorrow morning we'll go long early in the mornin' and then call it a day.

That's all I got time for right now. More tomorrow, possibly before that football game everyone seems to be talking about. Take it easy all.

Quote of the day:

Good things come to those who wait.

Great things come to those who chase
- Canibus

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Dallen said...

My blog was down too. I think all the blogger blogs were down. Annoying.

Nice workout!