Saturday, February 18, 2006

I finally broke down...

...and bought a pair of man-tights today. I'm a bit surprised at myself by this purchase, but perhaps I shouldn't be. Back when I was in high school, I swore to myself I'd never wear a pair of those "gay-looking split running shorts." Well, after discovering the comfort of CoolMax without the discomfort of chafing, I've been eating those words for the past six years now. I haven't actually donned my new purchase yet, but I can forsee this latest fashion upgrade turning into a similar realization on my part.

So why did I bite the bullet and finally buy a pair of those stretchy half-tight hamstring huggers? Good question. No, it wasn't to showcase my taut hamstrings, but that's a good guess. The most immediate answer I can give is that tomorrow's forecast is calling for temps in the teens, and with a long progression run on tap at the Foxboro 10-miler, I want to be able to move as freely as possible while keeping my lower extremeties warm. Simple as that.

As I just mentioned, I'm running the Foxboro 10-miler tomorrow strictly as a training effort. The plan is to start off at 5:30-40 pace through five miles and work down to 5:10's or so over the last three miles. After having spent a good part of the winter rounding the 'ol indoor track, its time to start introducing some longer threshold work with a few longer races on the horizon.

This morning was an easy recovery run with Hodgie-San in Sterling. We ran for 80 minutes and covered somewhere in the neighborhood of 11 miles. A little colder than it has been, but a good run nonetheless. That gives me 86 miles on the week for six days of running. I'll take that.

Congrats to my Reebok Boston teammate Justin Lutz on a 27th-place finish in today's 4K at the U.S. XC Championships. As far as I can tell, he secured a spot on the U.S. team for the upcoming World Military Championships. In a word, awesome. And best of luck to Ryan and Christy Mae at tomorrow's USATF-NE Indoor Championships. Rock on!

And that's gonna do it for now. Time to head back to my adopted home for the week and get some rest. Until tomorrow, take it easy.

Quote of the day:

Do or do not. There is no try.
- Yoda

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