Friday, November 30, 2007

Fartlek & fun

7:25 AM - 9 miles, 56:25 - Bike Path.
16 minutes easy, 3 x 5 minutes @ 5K effort w/3-minute jog recoveries, 4 x 1 minute @ 3K effort w/2-minute jog recoveries, 6:25 easy jog back home. Solid effort, felt stronger as the workout progressed.

Good friends, good times and good beer tonight in the hotbed known as Hudson, Mass., home of such slices of Americana as the Hawks, Ryan Carrara, Bill Gaudere and the Horseshoe Pub.

The Horseshoe was the site of tonight's after-work fun, as well as home to 80 different types of beer on tap - more than enough options to make sure everyone's personal pallet stays satisfied. I kept it seasonal, and local, this evening with a pint of Wachusett Winter Ale. Good stuff.

I'd give a better review but it's now 11 PM and I've got an early-morning date with a lucky pair of running shoes. G'night.

Quote of the Day

"Having been at the course last year with my teams for NCAA’s – and leaving a pair of shoes behind as it was not worth attempting to even try to get the mud off – this course could be an extremely difficult one if there is an obscene amount of rain."
- E-mail from Ned regarding possible course conditions for Club Nationals next weekend.

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