Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Boloco Tuesday

10:05 AM - 4 miles, 30:00 - Lake Park.
Same as yesterday, minus the spikes and the strides.

6:05 PM - 12 miles - Heartbreak Hill.
23:20 warmup, 12:18 tempo from BC Res to bottom of Heartbreak, 3-minute recovery, 6 x 1-minute hills, 3-minute recovery, 11:48 tempo back to BC Res, 15:40 cooldown.

Solid workout with Jeff, Ryan, Maloney, Brad and new guy Jake. Same mixed-up tempo and hills deal as a few weeks back but a touch faster which was certainly encouraging for everyone involved.

Afterward it was another Boloco Tuesday with Jeff and Maloney at the burrito joint located right around the corner from our regular meeting spot. You just can't beat having all your post-workout nutrition needs taken care of for the low low price of five American pesos. And to boot, it's ready for you in about 34 seconds and it all comes conveniently wrapped inside a soft tortilla shell. No wait, no mess and no more hunger. It's crazy, downright loco even.

Quote of the Day

"That's the beauty of the marathon. You prepare as best you can and run the race. You get to see what happens."
- Mark Conover, winner of the 1988 Olympic Trials Marathon

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