Sunday, November 25, 2007

Long run and the short of it

8:55 AM - 17 miles, 1:55:00 - West Hill.
First 35 minutes solo, last 80 with A-Ten discussing the possible benefits of 3/4-length man tights. Decided we need to consult Terry and Mark Miller before reaching a final verdict.

Last real long run before Club Nationals this morning and it was a doozy. I got a bit of a late start and came up just short of the planned upon 18 miles as a result but I'm not gonna beat myself up over it since I had the rare pleasure of throwing down some long overdue miles with the raging redhead of West Hill, Adam Tenerowicz, before he headed back to the 'Burg for a couple weeks. The trails were in good shape and we kept the effort honest with the last mile on the road in a steady 6:0-something.

I've got nothing else for today because it's time to join my pops in watching the playoff-bound Pats parade over poor Philadelphia. By the way, it's 1:22 into the game and the good guys just went up 7-0. Enjoy the slaughter.

Quote of the Day

"Well, we're all looking forward to the Patriots scrimmaging the Eagles tonight."
- Chris Collinsworth in the NBC pre-game show

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K.Gwyth said...

3/4 Length Man Tights = Capri tights

Nice try attempting to make them sound more masculine though. Always knew you boys were jealous of the wide array of running apparel us ladies have.

I caught Mark trying on a pair of mine the other day...Probably shouldn't be posting that online huh? heh!