Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sacred obligation

Back in April, while attending that lengthy Easter morning Sunday service all 21 miles of it with Marcus Aurelius LaRosa at Our Lady of the Road in Melrose, the now new dad mentioned coming up with a design for a technical t-shirt call it our Sunday best that we could wear to properly pay homage to the running gods that faithfully guide our weekly blacktop service. Well, three months, a couple hundred miles and a few missed long runs later, good friend Melissa Kinney came up the above kickass design.

Because of the devilish injury that ravaged my body the past few weeks I haven't been very successful at fulfilling my weekly obligation to the running gods, but now that I'm finally healthy and properly attired my attendance at Our Lady of the Road should be more regular as we head toward the fall. Remember, the long run is an act of reverence; missing it is just plain sacrilegious.

Quote of the day:

"He was impressive tonight. He went directly behind the pace and I followed, then when the pacemaker stepped out of the way he threw in a 57-second lap or something stupid like that."
- Craig Mottram on Keninisa Bekele's 7:26 3K victory.

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Foley for El Presidentay said...

Kick ass drawing by Mel...I have been thinking of having her do something where that giant murel is at my house now. Something like the picture in Ghostbusters 2 but with me, Bergs and Ned.