Friday, July 06, 2007


You know you're a total track dork when your best friend calls you from San Diego and tells you that Alan Webb just won the 1,500 meters in Paris with a PB and world-leading time of 3:30.54 and while sitting in traffic you start honking the horn furiously in celebration. Attaboy Alan!

Official Result
1500 Metres - Men

1. Alan Webb - USA, 3:30.54
2. Mehdi Baala - FRA, 3:31.01
3. Tarek Boukensa - ALG, 3:32.77

Quote of the day:

If I have given my all and still do not win, I haven't lost. Others might remember winning and losing; I remember the journey.
- Apolo Anton Ohno, 5-time Olympic speed skating medalist

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