Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bombs away

Around 4 o'clock this afternoon an apparently shocked co-worker of mine pointed out that I had just used a vulgarity for the first time all day. Shocked and chagrined by his observation, I questioned the frequency with which potty words are actually emitted from my pie hole. Quite often, apparently. Allegedly, most of my choice verbs and adjectives are rooted in some variation of a four letter word mostly frowned upon by a majority of the general public. Whodathunkit? Certainly not me, as I always try to make a conscious effort to watch my mouth, especially at work. Maybe I need to make a better effort from now on. Maybe not. Maybe Matt just doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about.

Quote of the day:

"This is a guy who doesn't like to pile on the points on the flat stages. He likes to win the King of the Mountain jersey in the mountains."
- Al Trautwig clearing up any confusion about Michael Rasmussen's uphill attack during today's eighth stage of the Tour de France.

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