Tuesday, July 17, 2007

PT Running

My most recent bout with injury, combined with an apparent structural misalignment and accompanying failing biomechanics, has the back room at PR Running looking more and more like a physical therapist's office than a shoe warehouse. Given my experience dealing with and treating my own various running injuries over the past three years, it might be worth suggesting to Rich that we open an in-house training room as a way to help grow the business. Given my lack of a qualified degree and absence of the title "MPT" on my non-existent business card, however, it might be a tough sell, despite my wide array of in-store rehab weapons including half a dozen ice cups, Strassburg sock, a bright yellow theraband, golf ball, The Stick and a ProStretch when we're not out of stock.

So I guess I'll just stick with managing my own self practice between helping customers, monitoring inventory and unpacking shipments. Now if I can get my hands on a foam roller, wobble board, e-stim and an ultrasound machine, I may never have to battle the hassles of health insurance ever again, or leave the back room for that matter.

Man, running was so much much easier when I was a structurally sound, efficient, aerobic machine.

Quote of the day:

"The heat sucks here for running. I'm running 9:30's - should've brought the Reeboks."
- E-mail from my vacationing boss.


Kerry said...

You need the TP Massage products, they're self massage balls that look like giant hackey sacks for trigger point therapy. Then you'll have the complete set.

trust me, if you do all the maintenance work you will keep future injuries at bay..it just takes diligence.

K.Gwyth said...

mario I need PR running for shoes and I need PT running because apparently my body has forgotten how to run...