Thursday, August 23, 2007

What's yours is mine

7:55 AM - 5 miles, 36:35 - Pakachoag 5.
6:35 PM - 5 miles, 38:30 - Shepherd Hill.

Since Jeff seems to have hijacked one of the signature elements of the daily runaround, I figure it's only appropriate to return the favor and hold his usual entry header hostage until further notice. Or we can just call it a fair trade. Whatever works for you, 'mate.

Anyway, let me try to make some sense of the chicken scratch in italics at the top of the page you're most likely trying to decipher. Here goes.

This morning's 5-mile slog before work was just that. Energy levels were low and I just felt plain t-i-r-e-d. Lack of sufficient sleep will have that effect, I guess. Thankfully, my foot feels a lot better and the persistent soreness and tenderness that have been camping out under my right big toe since last Friday have finally packed up and gone elsewhere. Hopefully those two unwelcome little bastards don't come back anytime soon.

As for the details of the run, I did manage to sneak under 7 minutes for the last mile, but it wasn't without the aid of a more-than-generous downhill. For those of you who've run these same roads with me, you know the last mile back to my parents' house is about as close as you may ever come to actually falling off a cliff.

The afternoon jogfest wasn't much faster than this morning, but I have the boys and girls of the Shepherd Hill Regional HS cross country teams to thank for dragging me around at a leisurely clip. Today was the first day of practice for both squads and coaches Nancy Roberts and Aiden Kearney asked me to give the kids a quick shoe clinic before the fun started. I stuck around afterward for a 3-mile tour of the Rams' cross country -- or more accurately road race -- course with the Aiden's upperclassman boys and then hit the old cinder track for 2 more miles while Nancy's girls busted out a 2-mile time trial, Tour de France style, with runners taking off after one another at 30-second intervals. "I'm working the girls hard from Day 1 this year," the coach commented. As you should coach, as you should.

And I should cut this entry short right here and get my tired carcass to bed so I'm not dragging ass again all day tomorrow. I have the day off from work, but I really want to make a better effort at getting to bed at a decent hour. A little rest goes a long way, or so I'm told anyway.

Quote of the day:

"I feel like more than ever that everything counts – EVERYTHING."
- Matt Gabrielson

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Jeff Caron said...

Sorry buddy... I guess I did kinda steal that from you. I just think it's a good foot note to have... However, I don't do it every day and every once in a while I'll try to mix it up with a 'song of the day' or 'video of the day' to put my own twist on it. So I hope that's ok by you. Anyway, I hope I didn't steal too much of your thunder. Take it easy and I'll talk to you soon.