Saturday, August 18, 2007

Training Log: August 12-18

Sunday - AM: 15 miles, 1:45:45. Hudson. Tour de Trails from la casa de Carrara with Ryan, Christy Mae, Fire and Brad. Finished up with 6 strides on the road. Other than the seasonal carnivorous bugs, I absolutely LOVE running here.
Monday- AM: 4 miles, 30:00. Lake Park. Trotted a few dirt loops around the park amongst the local joggers, looking the part with my long shorts and shuffling stride. Need to get an iPod to totally fit in though. PM - 4 miles, 25:00. An Cu Liath. 3.5-mile pub run in 20:40 followed by another easy half mile to get in an even four. Nothing like running 6-minute pace through downtown Worcester on a Monday night.
Tuesday - AM: 4 miles, 29:00. Pakachoag 4. Easy shakeout before work. PM: 10 miles. Westboro High. Warmed up 2 miles, strides, 4-mile tempo run on the track with Matt in 21:26 (5:32, 5:22, 5:26, 5:06), 26 min cooldown w/6 x 25-second hill charges. Goal for tempo was 5:30-25-20-15. Butchered it to some degree, but I've done much worse. Felt real easy and smooth the whole way.
Wednesday - AM: 8 miles, 57:10. RockPak 8. Woke up dead-dog tired to no one's fault but my own. 6-1/2 hours of sleep isn't gonna cut it. No leg soreness though, not yet anyway.
Thursday - AM: 12 miles, 1:16:15. Sterling Rail Trail. Double dose of the 6-mile loop, plan was to start around 7-minute pace and work down to 6's or so for the second loop. Happy to report I was fairly successful, and even felt pretty decent too. Loop 1 - 40:10, Loop 2 - 36:05. Marked miles: 6:43, 6:32, 6:04, 5:51.
Friday - AM: 10 miles, 1:08:00. West Hill. Tooled around the trails at an unusually tame pace with A-Ten, MacKay and Jeff Hill, finishing up with 6 strides in the parking lot. Almost took a digger around 7 miles but in an act of acrobatic brilliance managed to stay on my feet. Landed funny though and did something to the flexor tendon under my right big toe. Hurt like hell afterward.
Saturday - OFF. Bottom of right foot under big toe does not feel good. Pissed off that I can't even blame my own stupidity for this one, just my inability to stay on two feet.

Totals - 67 miles, 8 runs. Had a good week going until Friday's foot fiasco. Plan is to do whatever it takes to let the damn thing heal. I figure, or hope at least, that voluntarily taking a day or two off now is better than being forced to take a week or two off down the road.

Quote of the day:

"Fearlessness is not the absence of fear. It's the mastery of fear. It's about getting up one more time than we fall down."
- Arianna Huffington

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