Saturday, August 25, 2007

Training Log: August 19-25

Sunday - OFF. The foot feels better but I don't feel like pushing my luck today. I may do so tomorrow, however.
Monday - AM: 6 miles, 44:00. Hopedale. Two loops of the pond (22:15/21:05) and a little add-on to get back to the car. Foot tender at times, barely noticeable at others, but definitely sore afterward. Felt good otherwise.
Tuesday - AM: 7 miles, 50:20. AHS track. Ran 3 miles down to the high school, looped around the turf fields for a mile, then headed back home. Foot didn't pose much of a problem but left hip all out of whack. Hopefully it's nothing a little targeted stretching can't take care of. OK, a lot of targeted stretching.
Wednesday - AM: 8 miles, 56:30. RockPak 8. 7:24 to start, 6:51, 6:40, 6:22 for the last 3. Foot fine, hips better, glute still tight but better than earlier in the week. Slowly making some progress.
Thursday - AM: 5 miles, 36:35. Pakachoag 5. Solo slogfest before work. Snuck under 7 for the downhill last mile but otherwise I was crawling. PM: 5 miles, 38:00. Shepherd Hill. Ran around with some high school kids on their first day of practice. These kids kill me. They don't train all summer then go out and try to kill it for 5-6 miles on the first day of practice. It started getting ugly for them somewhere around Mile 4. Ah, to be young and stupid.
Friday - AM: 10 miles, 1:10:00. West Hill. Back to the scene of last week's crime, only this time I escaped scot-free. Had a nice run with A-10 on some newly discovered trails. Mind you we've been running some variation of the same three loops here for the past 7 years. The change did us good.
Saturday - AM: 10 miles, 1:08:00. Crack Path 10. The air was thick and it swallowed me whole.

Totals - 51 miles, 7 runs. Good week all things considered. Foot was still a bit tender Monday and Tuesday but pretty much feeling normal again by Wednesday. Proud of myself for not pushing through this latest little niggle like the idiot I've been known to be. I'm chalking this up as a down week, which while unexpected probably wasn't such a bad thing. Gradually gonna kick it back up from here.

Quote of the Day

"With two laps to go, I was thinking that fifth or sixth would be good, but then I thought about running in the sauna suit, and the 90-mile weeks, and the aqua jogging, and I said to myself, 'sprint.'"
- Kara Goucher, World Championships bronze medalist, 10,000 meters


Anonymous said...

Whoa, that is one awesome photo...I suppose to match the effort. Great for her. She is a class act.

Casey Moulton said...

Thanks for being my first comment and glad you like it. I'm just copying from the original. Later