Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ready, aim, fire

Bullet points, again. Sorry, my creative juices haven't been flowing lately - deal with it.

* 21 days (as of tomorrow) until I try to run again. Follow-up with Dr. Stevenson is on Friday, September 8th and he told me to run for 5-10 minutes and see how things feel. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a highly-visible countdown on my bedroom wall. I'm healing pretty well, I believe - it doesn't hurt to walk downhill or down stairs anymore - but then again I haven't run worth a lick in 5 weeks now, so who the hell knows for sure.

* On to one of my favorite topics, that being the weather. I hope I'm not jinxing anything by saying it's been beeeee-u-t-fullllll lately. 70's to mid-80's all day and 50-60 at night. Nearly perfect. And ff one more person complains to me again that it's starting to feel like fall, I'm gonna knock 'em out.

* My good buddy Bergie turned 25 today. Congratulations you crotchety old bastard.

* Speaking of Bergie, I'm heading up to the great state of NH this weekend with he and Crazy Man Campbell for the loco one's first half-Ironman on Sunday morning. The archaic one and I will serve as an unofficial support crew/cheering squad for the fittest man currently residing on the South Shore.

* Quick recap of last week's cross-training endeavors: 6 days on the bike, totaling 201.5 miles with two long rides of 41 and a short day of 20. Two water runs at Walden totaling just under three hours of aerobic effort and three days of upper body/abdominal/core strengthening. Quads are thoroughly trashed but seem to be coming around in the early days of this week. The massage on Monday seems to have helped flush some of the shit out of 'em.

* Read this article. Sounded way too familiar to me.

* I'm sure most of you have seen the TV commerical for the new movie "Invincible" by now. At first glance, it looks like a blatant rip-off of "Prefontaine", right down to the soundtrack. Apparently, Mark Wahlberg is the new Jared Leto.

* My beloved Sox are really pissing me off. What else is new, I know. We know the bullpen blows, but here's my latest gripe: either the starting pitching sucks from the outset (ie. Beckett last night) or someone throws a relative gem (ie. Schilling tonight) but he doesn't get an iota of run support from his offensive-minded mates. Sorry boys, but two runs ain't gonna cut it against the best team in baseball.

* Did I mention I can lace 'em back up again in 21 days. For those of you concerned with how this will affect my relationship with Celine - no worries, we're already talking about it.

That'll do it for tonight. Take it easy.

Quote of the day:

Everything now is step-by-step.
- Stefano Baldini


corrado giambalvo said...

Mario, good recovery news and good thinking on pointing out the "..body eating itself if you don't feed it correctly..." article. Some things never cease to be newsworthy.
I had a feeling Celine would straighten you out. Wise and experienced women have a way of doing that with very energetic men like yourself. Health to you, corrado.

Justin said...

I'd like to apologize for my Tigers crashing the party in Beantown this week...but look on the bright side, it could be worse - you could be a Cardinals fan. Seems like they can't get anything right lately.

I'm definitely with you on the weather too, hopefully it sticks around for a while. Glad to hear you're healing well too.

l'emerodromo said...

the best!