Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Late night, might as well write

OK, a couple days later than orignally anticipated, but I've made my not-so-triumphant return. The Sox are down 9-0 in the ninth to Oakland right now, continuing their dismal month of August, and once again keeping me at work till the wee hours of the morning without providing even a single freakin' run to get excited over. This is ridiculous - bring on Pats' season.

Speaking of which, and granted it's still only preseason, they looked goooooooood the other night against the 'Skins. Things seem to be clicking early on, which might scare some people, but not this guy. I'm not one to complain when things are going well and Bill Belichick is calling the shots. Sorry, Willie.

Onto things of a more personal nature, I'm still biking like a Tour de France wanna-be, yellow jersey and all. Totaling about 30-50 miles a day, six days a week, which is plenty enough time spent in the saddle. I'm having delusions of completing a century ride with my Stonehill buds sometime in October. Speaking of said buds, we had a nice lil rendezvous at la casa de Reino over the weekend, complete with Wiffle ball, grilled delicacies, fire pit and overly-Cuervoed Margueritas. Good times, good times.

Alrighty, it's now 1:22, the Sox farmhands have blown another one and I'm heading home. Looks like lots of rain is in the forecast so perhaps I'll have more to say tomorrow. The big countdown is now officially under a week. Take it easy all.

Quote of the day:

When you see someone running that well, it’s motivating. He shows the hard work, discipline, and sacrifice it takes to be successful. He’s showing the other young guys that you need to go out there and get it, instead of waiting and talking. Success isn’t just going to be handed to you.
- Abdi Abdirhamen on Matt Tegenkamp

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