Monday, August 21, 2006

Midnight magic...or not

Well, the clock just struck midnight here at the Sports Desk, the Sox are still idling along and quite honestly, I have nothing to do until they inevitably blow another one to these bungholes from the Bronx.

But alas, I digress. Onto more productive, enjoyable endeavors such as this past weekend. I headed up to the Granite State with my good pals Bergie, Pat Long the Elder and Campbell for the soupy one's debut triathlon, a half-Ironman on the shores of scenic Lake Winnipesaukee. My junior-year roommate finished 438 out of 1400 in a total time of 5:31:25, well under goal time of 5:45. He finished up the 1/2 marathon in 1:40 dead-on, a good 20 seconds per mile faster than his planned upon 8-minute pace. Even more amazing, the 1.2 mile swim and 56-mile bike were the longest he's ever gone in either discipline. It was awesome to watch him power through it. I was inspired, to say the least.

The rest of the weekend consisted of a little camping and a bit of good-natured debauchery. After setting up shop at the base of Gunstock, Campbell rested his weary bones while Patrick, Bergs and I took off on an undulating endeavor around the aformentioned lake that eneded with an unrelenting 5K climb that I don't wish to repeat anytime soon. Sans shower, the four of us spent a good few hours at a local watering hole, leisurely finishing our dinner and assuredly annoying the hell out of the unfortunate waitress assigned to our table with our off-the-wall requests. She was a trooper, however, and eventually turned the Pats' game for us. Suffice to say, she was tipped well.

In other personally exciting news, I actually ran a little bit today while cheering for my friend the workout whore. It probably totalled two minutes worth of 30-second snippets of ridiculously slow jogging, but it at least resembled running and didn't seem to cause any ill effects. To those of you concerned that this will spark a premature outburst of my inherited obsessiveness, fear not. That'll be it until the 5-10 minute test run on Sept. 6 before my followup with Dr. Stevenson. I'm not gonna lie though, it was a helluva thrill, albeit a brief one.

And guess what? With two outs in the top of the ninth the Yanks just tied the game at 5-5. Given the cumulative ass kicking we've taken the last three games I shouldn't be surprised, but this is getting ridiculous. Take it easy.

Quote of the weekend:

Side boob!
- Campbell, who else

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