Wednesday, February 25, 2009


8:40 AM - BSC - Bike, 20:00.
HRM: 125-135 bpm seated, 145-155 out of the saddle.
Full stretch afterward.

6:40 PM - RLTAC - 10 miles.
Track Workout: 3 x [1000m @ 3:05/600m @ 1:48] 2:00 recovery between intervals, 3:00 between sets.
25:00 warmup, 22:00 cooldown.
3:06.64 (1:59.25 recovery), 1:47.99 (2:57.90); 3:05.64 (1:56.31), 1:46.79 (3:05.07); 3:03.89 (1:56.45), 1:48.61.

8:20 AM - BSC - Bike, 40:00.
HRM: 125-135 bpm seated, 145-155 out of the saddle.

In the "How You Don't Want To Spend Your Wednesday Afternoon" category, I had to have an emergency root canal today. An abscessed tooth became infected and needed to be treated before the infection spread like wildfire and my chin "blew up to be the size of a baseball." This was all decided and done within two hours this afternoon. Seven hours post-procedure I'm still in plenty of pain despite a pairing of prescription pills I'm popping every six hours. Here's hoping they work their magic soon so I can get some sleep tonight.

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Erin said...

Ouch! Let me know if you need some of the "happy pills" I have left over from my pneumonia. Guaranteed to give you the overall look and feel of a drug addict. (Especially recommended for school teachers!)