Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gentle Joggle

8:10 AM - Auburn - 8 miles, 1:00:00.

Since returning home from my Blue Ridge retreat on Monday night I've been sleeping like absolute shit, and oddly enough the only thing that doesn't seem to be suffering terribly is my running. The rest of my training -- biking, stretching, core work -- has completely gone to shit. I've pretty much fallen off the bike and I fairly confident the supplemental stuff hasn't totaled 10 minutes since Sunday. Need to change that, pronto.

That out of the way, this morning's gentle joggle around town was nothing short of spectacular. The air was mild, the sun was shining and despite my recent lack of Z's, the energy levels were high. One of those mornings where you just want to run all day. My legs showed no ill effects from yesterday's short speed session on the roads, which is encouraging, especially since I haven't done much in the way of stretching and icing of late.

The next few days are pretty involved as far as work and the such is concerned, but the plan is to get in some sort of sustained effort this weekend and kick up the cross training and preventative maintenance measures if time allows.

Check that. I'll make time allow.


Anonymous said...

yo mario let me know your plans for training this weekend. I would love to put some miles in if our schedules jive

later gleason

Anonymous said...

"Gentle Joggle"? That is what you needed to do to the bulkhead! ;)

k.gwyth said...

you need to update soon....the name of this post is slightly disturbing...