Monday, February 09, 2009

Numbas and pickshaz

3:55 PM - Asheville, NC - 8 miles, 1:02:00.

3:30 PM - Asheville, NC - 12 miles.

Track Workout: 1,600-1,200-800-200-200-800 @ 4:50 pace.
26:00 warmup w/3 x 200m strides in 36-37, 12:00 cooldown.

4:49.97 (10:07 recovery w/4 x 100m strides), 3:36.56 (9:24 w/4 x 100m strides), 2:22.93 (3:18), 33.31 (1:34), 33.72 (2:37), 2:24.11.

1:00 PM - Black Mountain, NC - 8 miles, 1:00:00.

11:00 AM - Asheville, NC - 13 miles, 1:34:00.

9:30 AM - Asheville, NC - 8 miles, 1:00:00.

2 x [4 x 20-second strides]

Nothing but the numbers tonight and a couple of pics to take up some space. Tales of tomfoolery and other entertaining anecdotes from my weekend away will have to wait for another entry. My ass is going to bed. Goodnight.

Me and my amigos at about 5,500 feet.

One of the hundreds of waterfalls in Transylvania County.

Gwyth's Brunch of Champions


kltilton said...

You guys were at 5,500 ft and didn't need Everest expedition grade clothing? I am a little jealous.

mark said...

Wait a second. Gwyth made the pancake batter, but I actually made the pancakes, eggs and the world famous Cyclops... yet, she gets all the credit?

This is a cruel cruel world.

k.gwyth said...

It's because I'm cuter then you.

Mario said...

Yes, she gets all the credit and no, it's not just because she's cuter than you. She made that meal happen, dude. You merely turned off the griddle when she told you to do so. Cruel world, indeed.

mark said...

Cyclops pancakes don't just happen, "dude". A perfectly cooked egg does not just find itself in the middle of a delicious chocolate chip pancake.

No respect...