Sunday, December 21, 2008

Haile Motivated

1:55 PM - BSC Treadmill - 7 miles, 50:00.
4 sets of drills and walking stretches in the gym afterward.

3:05 PM - BSC - Weights, 30:00.

8:00 PM - The 4-0 - Yoga, 30:00.
Various poses from The Athlete's Guide to Yoga. Need some work!

Haile Gebrselassie -- yes, holder of 26 World Records and the first and only man to run under 2:04 for the marathon -- motivated me, holder of I think one, maybe two school records still at Stonehill College, to train today.

No, the Ethiopian Emperor didn't show up at the 4-0 to stumble through the snow with me, nor did he ring my cell, send me a text, shoot me an e-mail or otherwise try and initiate personal contact. I'll need to cut about 25 minutes off my marathon PR before Mr. G starts communicating with me on a regular basis.

Luckily, once again acted as a messenger for the masses with this morning's Quote of the Year. For those of you who have never visited the site, might be boycotting or otherwise refuse to frequent the Number 1 running resource on the web, here are the words that got me out the door this afternoon.
"We had to stay in the Sheraton next to Heathrow but when we arrived it was about 11 o'clock in the evening and the middle of the winter. It was impossible to train outside. I started to think about how I could train and then I noticed that my hotel corridor was very long. I put on my shoes and started to run up and down it, and then some of my friends joined me. By that time it was close to midnight and people started to come out of their rooms to look at us. Do you know what happened? They all thought it was an emergency and started following us. One old woman was shouting and running down the corridor in her pyjamas."

"The reason I'm telling you this is that I didn't want to miss a day's training. I always tell young athletes the same thing, 'Wherever you go, whatever you do, what must your top priority be? Running'. In my life I do a lot of things but I never forget my training. Athletics is in my blood. The top priority must always be training, training. This is a discipline. You have to do it."
After returning home from grocery shopping this morning I had absolutely no intention of leaving the house again today. Then around 1 o'clock I developed a fast-spreading case of stir craziness, started feeling like a slacker and decided that I had an itch to go belt dancing at the Boston Sports Club, snow-covered roads be damned. That said, if this guy could have hijacked a reindeer-powered sleigh and made it over to my place for the Pats game, I likely would not have moved from the couch other than to fetch one of the 30 bottles of beer left over from the Hergie two weeks ago.

Kidding aside, I'm glad that I got out (more so that I made it back unscathed) and got my workout in today. It's always a fantastic feeling to start the week on a good note, and it was kind of nice having the gym to myself while watching the Pats crush the Cardinals. Now, if all this snow would just go away as quickly as it came in life would be grand again.

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