Tuesday, December 23, 2008


8:55 AM - Westboro - 6 miles, 41:00.
Workout: 3 x [2:00-1:00-0:30 @ 10K effort] 1:00 recovery between reps, 1:30 between sets.

9:50 AM - BSC - Bike, 30:00.

It's getting late and I've got an early appointment with this guy tomorrow morning, so I'll make this quick. Today marked my first workout on land since I busted my backside on October 1st and all things considered it went very well. This was meant to be nothing more than an easy icebreaker to get my legs and lungs back on the same page and that's exactly what it ended up being. I felt very comfortable and in control throughout and couldn't be happier with this initial effort. Tomorrow is a planned off day from activity so I can rest up for the annual Christmas Run on Thursday morning with KGwyth, E-Diddy, Marky Mark and Mr. McRun, where there is better than good chance that my ass will get dropped.

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Ruben said...

Great to see you back Mario.