Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Warming up to winter

So in the last 24 hours we've been slammed with snow, pelted with ice and been thrown into a tizzy over this most recent weather anomaly. Last time I checked, however, it was indeed February -- which is still a winter month in this hemisphere -- and Rand McNally hasn't deviated from referring to this area of the country New England as far as I know, so round these parts we needn't be surprised that the ground (gasp!) isn't clear. So here's to laying off the panic button, hitting the slow-mo, leaving a little earlier than usual and continuing to put one foot in front of the other. It's not the end of the world -- it's winter. The snow will melt, perhaps quicker than it ever has before. Hell, Al Gore guarantees it.

OK, onto other things worth wasting my breath about. The Foxboro Old Fashioned 10-miler is on tap for Sunday, and as always a solid field is shaping up. Last year I finished 5th in 53:17 and I'd like to improve upon both those numbers this weekend. Training has been about as consistent as death and taxes, so I do believe I'm ready to pop a good race.

Speaking of races, some good stuff went down in Boulder this past weekend, and more locally at BU. Alan Culpepper and Deena Kastor showed everyone that they still have it over hill and dale, and round these parts, 1. The studs from Stonehill continued to impress, with the DMR popping a 9:53 to win it all at the Valentine Invite. They're now # 3 in the country, I believe. 2. NB Boston teammates Jeff Caron (3K), Jess Minty (mile) and Christy Carrara (5K) all ran some big-ass PR's at the same meet, with times of 8:16, 4:47 and 17:23, respectively.

And as far as respect goes, this guy doesn't get enough of it. He placed seventh in the 12K this past weekend -- qualifying for World XC -- and last month ran 62:20 for the 1/2 marathon, beating an Olympic silver medalist in the process. I suggest to start noticing if you haven't already.

OK, time for bed. Take it easy.

Quote of the day:

I'm not sure what it is, but I know they have it. And I know you can't buy it at Wal-Mart.
- Scott Winston on the drive of a champion

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Kevin Tilton said...

See you in Foxboro on Sunday.