Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bippity bop

Scatterbrained as usual, here's a small smattering of what happens to be bopping around my train of thought at the moment....

* Le Supre Bowle. Nice job Peyton, you finally won the big one. You're still up on Tom Brady in horrendous TV commercials (by 634,456) and empty ring fingers (your 9 to his 7). Nice work.

*Work is still kicking my ass, but I was able to finagle a Friday switch in order to attend Reino's 25th birthday extravaganza at the Big City in Allston. Two Blue Moons, five games of pool and 15 of my good buds made for a fun night.

* The return of winter. Snot froze in my nose over the last few miles of my run today, which made relaxed breathing difficult, not to mention painful. Overall, however, it's been a solid season for running, so consider this the end of my weather-related bitching.

* Rage Against the Machine is rumored to be getting back together. Sorry Chris Cornell, but your incessant whining is no match for Zack de la Rocha's unadulterated, well, rage.

* Running miles topped work hours this past week, 75 to 62. If all goes according to plan, the gap between this A:B ratio should lengthen considerably over the next month or two, with A (hopefully) holding steady and B taking a 33% reduction.

* Two weeks till the Foxboro 10-miler and another six till the New Bedford 1/2 Marathon, two races which I am very much looking forward to. I'm feeling good about the progress of my fitness and do believe I'm ready to rip a couple good ones. Races, that is.

*Vermont City Marathon, May 27th. As the aforementioned Reino would say: Note it.

And that'll do it for tonight. A long-overdue eight hours of sleep is in order. Take it easy.

Quote of the day:

So it’s kind of just a curiosity. I don’t have any crazy goals. I am just curious to see what eventually I can get out of myself. I have no idea how I will do at the marathon.
Ryan Hall

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