Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Help a brotha out

Well, the Excel file doesn't transfer very nicely over to Blogger, so until my technologically-challenged ass learns to fool around with HTML, have fun sorting through the mess of numbers below.

I recall Ryan had a similar problem a few months back, but it doesn't seem he's found the answer either. Any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.

Back to work.

Quote of the day:

Take a primitive organism, say a freshman. Make it lift, or jump or run. Let it rest. What happens? A little miracle. It gets a little better. It gets a little stronger or faster or more enduring. That’s all training is. Stress. Recover. Improve. You’d think any damn fool could do it. But you don’t. You work too hard and rest too little and get hurt.
- Bill Bowerman in Bowerman and the Men of Oregon, explaining something this damn fool came to find out the hard way.

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katie gwyth said...

hey really cool that you posted your mileage for the past few months...awesome to see your progression! :)...thanks for the message earlier by the way! means a lot!

Talk to you soon!!!