Monday, January 22, 2007

Uneven ratios

Sorry for recent lack of posting, but the proverbial man has had me tied down. Luckily, things are leveling off some it looks that way anyway. Hell, I had my first complete day off today in 15 days, AND I have another one on Thursday. What the hell am I gonna do with my time?

Anyway, last week's mileage topped out at a six-month high of 75 with work hours totaling an even 60. The preceding 6 weeks' ratios looked a bit like this...

1/14-1/20 - 70:49
1/7-1/13 - 70:50
12/31-1/6 - 55:59
12/24-12/30 - 65:64
12/17-12/23 - 60:56
12/10-12/16 - 60:58

Good news is I'm feeling stronger every week. You may notice a bit of a 3 weeks up/1 week down pattern with my mileage which seems to be working out well. There is no such rhythm to my work schedule, however, but if anything, the craziness of holding down 2 jobs keeps me from overanalyzing my running. For now, it's a fair tradeoff.

As for specific workouts, there aren't many. For four weeks, I did a once-a-week basic hill workout prescribed by Kevin and a few fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants tempo runs. A couple races, some 20-30 second strides every now and again and exactly one track workout with 3 miles worth of low-intensity intervals pretty much sums up my last 20 weeks of training since coming off the stress fracture. No magic formula, just overall consistency and enjoying what I'm doing on a daily basis. Then again, that might be the magic formula right there.

Quote of the day:

What I’ve learned is why I look forward to getting out the door everyday. Those two years off had something to do with it. Things work out better when you treat them as they are. Running is just a sport, it’s no longer everything like it used to be. Now I can do whatever I want. There’s no limits — I feel like I’m unstoppable.
- Mike Smith

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corrado giambalvo said...

by the way "Mike": in the Long Run, if they can't stop you, you are never going to lose... go Mario, Go ... you have to be loving Life... :-)