Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Crashing currently

I'm currently hungry, unmotivated and tired, so I think the logical solution will be to eat, watch TV and go to bed. Before I go, however, a quick shoutout to this speedy sunavabitch for shattering my short-lived Stonehill school record of 4:09.77 in the mile this past weekend at BU. Mr. Gill's 4:07.22 currently sits him atop the D2 rankings, and the scary thing is he's only gonna get faster. Good stuff continues to go down in Easton.

And as Mr. Carrara would say, that's all I got. Take it easy.

Quote of the day:

To run 3:50, you have to train at that pace. Not 3:40-pace! 3:50 is 57.5 per quarter, so you need to be able to float at that pace. Training at 53 or 55 pace does not help on the 3rd lap when you get tired. You have to put in numerous workouts at the desired and attainable race pace -- and keep a training log.
- Jim Spivey

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Cepasa amigos ))
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