Thursday, January 04, 2007

Delectable domination

Photographic proof of me dominating the infamous Italian grinder -- don't dare call it a sub -- from Oliva's Market on my lunch break at PR Running this afternoon. Just how impressive was my maiden mangia-fest with this gargantuan greasepile encased in half a loaf of Italian bread? I finished the entire thing in one sitting, an accomplishment I'm afraid can only be fully appreciated by two faithful readers of this blog, namely Ryan Carrara and Mark Driscoll. They both can vouch for the greasy goodness that only this $3.50 mass-produced Milford marvel can provide. And believe me, it was well worth every penny.

And with that, I'm off to bed in an attempt to sandbag some extra sleep heading into what's already shaping up to be another wacky, work-filled weekend. Take it easy all.

Quote of the day:

Running is who I am. I feel like I've lost part of my identity without it. I'm determined to get it back.
- Michael Mann


corrado giambalvo said...

... lunch of champions...!

ryan said...

Oliva's Market is the bomb-diggity!
Many a day as a young lad would I venture into Milford for those fine Italian sandwiches.

Enjoy every bite!

Dork From CTC said...

Man, I need to move! You've got amazing food places, and awesome running shoe stores.... just don't have that up here... granted we probably don't have the population to support it either... but we all like to eat, its an american past time, I think.

Mark said...

That is the B.O.G. you speak of. Babe Oliva Grinder! A classic.

I had a BOG just the other week and it was wonderful.

Anonymous said...

You are cute. Are you single?