Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Training Log (4/30-5/6)

SUN - AM: 95+ minutes at the Rail Trail, calling it 13 to be safe. First 42 minutes solo - easy to the gate (2.75 miles) in 19:08, came back comfortably hard in 14:38 [5:30, 3:59 (3/4), 5:09], followed by 6 Driscoll strides and some light jogging till Hodge showed up. Last 7 miles or so nice & easy in 53:55 with the old man.

MON - AM: 50 min nice & easy at West Hill along the canal. Monday's will be reserved for recovery from here on out.

TUES - AM: Morning four-banger in a shade over 28 minutes. Nice & moist out, just how I like it. PM: 60 minutes at Bentley with Adam Stu, followed by six strides on the track. We'll call this one 9 miles.

WEDS - AM: Stone Church fartlek solo, 51:30. Ran the four hills pretty hard and finished up the last 5 minutes on the uptempo side of things. Displayed Hulk-like strength for the first time in a long while this morning. PM: Easy does it on the 'ol four-mile road loop from home, 28:15. 12 for the day.

THURS - AM: Bike Path out-n-back 10-spot from home, 68:15. Did not feel good, at all. Hulk-like feeling of invincibility was apparently a short-term phenomenon.

FRI - AM: 56-minute two looper at West Hill, finishing up with four Driscoll strides. 8 miles, not much more. Not as near-death as yesterday but still a pretty morbid run. Gotta resurrect myself before tomorrow.

SAT - AM: Fresh Pond 'Almost-5-Mile Jump-Over Small Dogs Tempo' in 26:40. Lived up to my metronomic reputation with a dead-on nuts 13:20 clocking for each loop. 5:23/avg. mile, a touch faster than goal pace of 5:25-30 but I'll take it. Solid effort; felt like my first tempo run in 10 weeks. Oh wait, it was.

WEEK TOTALS: 74 miles on nine runs. Bailed on Friday's PM shakeout, which was probably a wise move considering the self-inflicted ass-kicking I gave myself on Wednesday. If all goes according to plan, next week should look eerily similar to this one.

Quote of the day:

I don’t want you to leave here smashing your head against the wall. Be businesslike, patient, and methodical. Do a little head smashing every day for one hundred days.
- Mark Wetmore


Matt said...


Not my fault your title was so smooth... I will work on something original, but until then, I am going to rock the Mario Blog...

Anyways, all the best... Hope to see you racing soon!

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