Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday mumblings

*A few changes have been made to the general layout of this here blog, albeit small ones. I've added a few new links to my reading list, so make sure to check those out, and also condensed said list into one general category, which will hopefully make things a little easier to navigate. I'm still dumbfounded as to how to load a photo into my profile...for whatever reason its not very easy for me to do. Consider this a plea for assistance (hint hint). I may also change the background tempate up a bit if the itch arises, so stay tuned.

* Speaking of site-related issues, it seems I've been getting a lot of SPAM-ish comments lately. Any idea how this happens and how to put an end to it?

*Barbaro, Kentucky Derby winner who pulled up in the Preakness, has a 50-50 chance of surviving surgery on his shattered ankle. They just showed him hanging in a gurney with a big-ass fiberglass cast on his hoof. Doesn't look promising you say? HA! I'm going to go out on a limb and say Barbaro comes back to win the Triple Crown next year and make Lance Armstrong's comeback from cancer look like an everyday achievement. The latest rumor on is that once he's stablized, Barbaro will head out to Portland, Oregon, where he will spend a majority of his days in an altitude-sealed stall, get a few special shots in his backside from Alberto Salazar and haul ass on a giant horse-sized underwater treadmill until he's able to transition back to land. Come Derby time next year, those other high-strung equines won't know what just blew by 'em. Remember, you heard it here first.

*This billboard bothers me every time I drive by it: U.S. Navy....Este es mi pais. What a crock of shit. Last time I checked, the native language in this country was English. Shame on the U.S. Navy to sink to such lows in order to attract non-native English-speaking immigrants as recruits. Our military and government leaders contradict themselves so much when it comes to issues of immigration, it's pathetic. Just like that damn billboard.

*I've been highly amused by all the hoopla surrounding the recent release of the Da Vinci Code, particularly the criticisms, boycotts and all-around rage from the diehard Catholics who find the film blasphemous. Wake up! It's a f*ckin' movie, it's meant to be entertaining. And IF, just IF, some of Dan Brown's claims regarding the lineage of Christ are true - which, in my opinion, would be nearly impossible to prove anyway - what are these so-called faithful so threatened by? Relax people.

And that's it for today. Time for me to get some shut-eye, take it easy.

Quote of the day:

At the end of every discussion, the question is: What I ask to my training? [Do] I want to try to reach my best potential results, or [do] I want to be fresh every day, running only for my health and my fun ? In the first case you must use long and fast run, with a correct modulation. In the second case, run slowly and enjoy your life, but don't speak about good results in athletics.
- Renato Canova


Greg said...

I know next to nothing about horse racing, but isn't the Kentucky Derby only for 3-year-olds? I'll leave that up to the Sports Editor to find out.

Mike said...

-Once you're at the window where you type your entry, click the "Settings" tab and then the "Comments" sub-tab. You can choose to moderate comments so you'll approve/reject them yourself before they're published.

-The United States has actually never had an official language, though there are currently active movements to make it English in response to immigration, the national anthem in Spanish, etc.

I totally agree with you though. The military thrives off of low-income families whose children's only chance at a future seems (to them) to be the armed forces. But then what arrogance to protest something as simple as singing the national anthem in another language while recruiting these same people. It's a song proclaming patriotism and pride, but only in English apparently. But we want those same non-native English speakers fighting to make sure we can still sing it in our own language. Oy.