Saturday, May 27, 2006

Top-100 reasons to get excited

Not too much excitement to speak of as we round out the last full week in the greatest month of the year, other than the fact that I just found out my recent entry into the Top-100 corral at this fall's Chicago Marathon has been confirmed. The 40,000 runner field filled up rather quickly, so needless to say I was quite pumped to see that my application had been accepted. With that out of the way, the focus shifts towards sub-2:22 and a Trials qualifier on October 22nd.

On the training front, I tucked another good week under my belt as I continue to build aerobic strength and get my legs back under me for the long haul to Chicago. I totalled 102 miles on 11 runs, my first time over the century mark in '06. I got in a solid faster mid-week effort and ended the week with some up-tempo strength stuff, but neither is worth going into painstaking detail about. A pleasant semi-longer-than usual jaunt through the Lincoln woods on Thursday night with Terry Shea, Carly Graytock and Brendan Prindiville is also worth noting. This coming Tuesday night will mark my first workout back with the team now that the High Performance meets have resumed their normal Saturday structure for the summer. I can't wait.

And that does it for tonight. Time to hit the road. Take it easy all.

Quote of the day:

Him running the 5K is like an 800 (meters). He was born to run 4:45 (per mile) pace.
- Brad Hudson on Dathan Ritzenhein


Matt said...

Congrats on the Top-100 number for Chicago! Exciting times indeed. It looks like you've put in another great week of training. Keep it up, and you'll be "born" to run 5:20s!

Jorge said...

Congrats again, Mario. Much deserved. Make me proud on my birthday.