Monday, March 09, 2009

Senseless Snow

11:30 AM - Auburn - 8 miles, 1:00:00.
6 x 20-second strides, 5 x 12-second hill charges.

Clad in a jacket, tights, hat and gloves, I snuck out of the house for an easy hour in between the snow falls this morning, a nonsensical endeavor if there ever was one given that I was running in shorts and a t-shirt the past two days. This has been the never ending winter from hell and I think I speak for every distance runner in New England when I say that I can't wait for the final flake to hit the ground so we can be done with this shit for the season. Tomorrow I'll keep my act indoors with a short spin on the bike before work and a trip to the track later on in the day. In the words of this guy, that's all I got.


Anonymous said...

You're no fun.

mark said...

Yeah, I hear ya man. I couldn't decide between a short sleeve or a long sleeve this morning. I ended up going with the short sleeve and I've gotta say I was a little chilly for a few minutes.