Thursday, August 28, 2008

Race Report: Chamberas 6K

"Always what I thought cross country should be all about. A group of runners meeting in some field some place and racing through ungroomed woods and fields."
- Ryan Carrara, two-time winner of the Thomas Chamberas 6K cross country race
I couldn't have summed the race up any better myself, not to mention this guy's won the damn thing two years in a row now, so who am I to argue with him.

Plus, he doubles as my training partner, so I wouldn't want to piss him off in the event he's feeling good on a Tuesday night hill session or a weekend workout. We've got enough of them left before Bay State and I don't wanna take a chance on getting an unexpected drilling, thank you very much.

Anyway, I will take a quick shot at wrapping up this past weekend's race in my own words. I'm a little strapped for time, so a few key adjectives will have to suffice for now.

Fast. Competitive. Technical. Raw.

And at the risk of reinforcing my reputation as an unoriginal bastard of the blogs, I'll now steal a full line from Jim Johnson and call it a night.
"You don't slow down to conserve or back off while thinking about just hammer."
Like I said, raw. Racing in it's purest form. No mile markers, no splits, no mercy. Real cross country, baby.


Jeff Caron said...

Good stuff Mario. Have fun in New Haven this weekend. It's a stacked race this year so take some names out there.

Caitlyn Clark said...

Ah, that race is sooo not a 6k!
Thats XC baby! having NO clue what the REAL distance is!! (but I think, since I ran last year too, 3.55)

Good luck in CT!