Monday, September 01, 2008

Laborious day

You can save yourself the aggravation and stop scanning the results, because you're not gonna find my name anywhere amongst the 2,090 finishers of this morning's New Haven Road Race.

No, this assclown didn't run off with my race number, and no, my chip didn't fall off somewhere before the finish line mat. My left hamstring went haywire somewhere around the 5-1/2 mile mark and despite two quick stops to stretch the sucker out and salvage some kind of result, I called it quits at 7-1/2 miles.

Shitty thing is that I was rolling right along until that shit hit the fan. Splits before I stepped off...


It sucks, but it is what it is, and hopefully it isn't anything serious.


Jim Johnson said...

Don't feel bad... 2 things... First, you still ran far faster than my 7.5 mile PR (so I can't do anything but admire your splits for what you did run)...and second, last year I stepped out of the Harbour Trail 5k just one mile in for NO REASON... I wasn't even hurt...I just didn't like the looks of my first split so I called it quits...thats pretty lame...You have a perfectly valid reason and there's really nothing you can do when the hammy or calf or something starts to bite you...You are a grinder'll rebound quick and bust out some good ones in no time... I sense a real good showing at Baystate for the NB boys...

Rich Heffron (Heff) said...

No worries Mario, it looks like your training is going well. Coincidentally I dropped out at almost the exact same point at New Haven last year.

Keep on keeping on.