Friday, July 07, 2006

Weekend reading list

If you've got some free time over the next couple days, I suggest giving the following a read:

* Dick Beardsley's 1982 Boston Marathon Training Log. Wanna know what it takes to run 2:08? Click here to find out.

* Fernando Cabada's Training Log. Leave it to me to find this shit.

* Alistair Cragg interview with, which can conveniently be found here. I know the author pretty well - a fine bloke if I do say so myself.

* Floyd Landis feature from Outside magazine, which was brought to my attention by this fine fella from Minnesota. Don't wanna spend the 5 bucks for the print version? Well, today's your lucky day. You can access it here for free.

* Lowell Sun recap of this past Tuesday's John Carson 2-mile in Chelmsfuhd. This temporarily-not-in-training teammate of mine even managed to get a little ink for his noble efforts.

And that's gonna do it for now. Take it easy.

Quote of the day:

Floyd Landis: There's only one rule: The guy who trains the hardest, the most, wins. Period. Because you won't die. Even though you feel like you'll die, you don't actually die. Like when you're training, you can always do one more. Always. As tired as you might think you are, you can always, always do one more.

Dave Zabriskie: I hope some 16-year-old doesn't read this and then go kill himself on the bike.

Landis: That was what I did. I read something like that, and I trained like that, and, yeah, I was pretty damn depressed for a while. Then it got better.

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