Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Training Log (6/25-7/1)

SUN - AM: 1:52:25, 16 miles. Middle 7 miles easy w/Hodgie, otherwise solo. Threw in a few surges of 1-5 minutes at various points. Good run. PM: 29:05, 4 miles. Solo before work. 4 strides at HC track mid-run.

MON - AM: 72 minutes, 10 miles. With a beat-up Adam & a gimpy McKay @ West Hill. Easiest I've ever run with these guys, which is a good thing cause I felt like dog shit.

TUES - AM: 36 minutes, 5 miles. Sunday's run apparently kicked my ass. PM: 12 miles. Track workout @ Bentley solo. 2K in 6:08 (3:30 recovery), 1200 in 3:35 (3:00 recovery), 2 x 800 in 2:21, 2:20 (2:15 recovery), 4 x 400 in 69, 67, 68, 66 (1:30 recovery). Very windy and very tired. No pop in the old legs.

WEDS - AM: 63:30, 10 miles. Hilly road run in Lowell with Nate and Jay Beausoleil. Felt better once it started raining. PM: 36:40, 5 miles. Awful tired now boss. Dog tired.

THURS - AM: 1:31:20, 14 miles. Ran into ex-UNH/Georgetown guy Steve Meinelt mid-run and joined him for two quick miles back to the lot. Progressed the last mile of the run in 5:35 (2:55/2:40). Solid effort after having trouble getting out of bed this morning.

FRI - AM: 59 minutes, 8 miles. Solo and slow at West Hill. PM: 43 minutes, 6 miles. A little quicker than this morning, but not by much. Legs aren't happy.

SAT - AM: 13 miles. Almost-10K tempo run w/Greg Ward @ Worcester State in 32:20. Official measurement clocked in at 6.1 miles, so 5:18 avg./mile. First loop (3.05 miles) in 16:18 (5:20 pace), second loop in 16:02 (5:15 pace). Goal was to start at 5:30 pace and work down to 5:15s on the second loop. Opened up with a 5:20 and it felt easy so kept that rhythm. Having Greg to share the load with for 4 miles was a huge help. Solid workout.

WEEK TOTALS: 103 miles, 11 runs. Good week although very tired for most of it. I'm sure the intensity/volume of this current training cycle has something to do with that, combined with the fact I've been very busy at work of late and will be until sometime in mid-July. No complaints - I just need to focus on getting better quality sleep at night and resting when the opportunities present themselves. I may also scale things back a bit more before Stowe than originally planned and really try to nail down a good race there before segueing into the marathon-specific cycle. On the whole, I'm happy with how things are going and am confident the hard work will pay off at the right time.

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