Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Coming soon (I swear):

* Last week's training log.
* How NOT to race a 3K.
* A few paragraphs of outspoken opinion and witty banter.

Not that any or all of these supposed forthcoming entries will make up for my infrequent posting of late, but they'll have to do for now. If anyone is still checking in regularly, I sincerely apologize. Outside of running in and around 100 miles a week, I've been too tired to do anything else that requires more effort than crawling back into bed after my daily toil. And lately, even that routine act has become a gargantuan feat of strength. With that being said, I'm shutting this sucker down and crashing at my current location here on the 'ol (well, new actually) futon. Goodnight.

Quote of the day:
I know I'm getting into good shape when I wake up tired and go to bed very tired.
- Brendan Foster

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