Friday, June 23, 2006

By Jorge!

First time was apparently the charm for Jorge Torres tonight in his 10K debut at the U.S. Track & Field Championships in Indianapolis. Delayed a day because of inclement weather, the diminutive dynamo from Boulder blasted away from a couple of Olympians to post a tactical win in 28:14 and some change. Word on the always-informative and ever-accurate letsrun message board had him at a 58-second last lap, putting him 4 seconds up on marathon-minded Meb and 5 seconds ahead of a resurrected Dan Browne. Simply an outstanding race on many fronts. Hats off to Senor Torres for earning the win and the other two folks for an apparently fine race. Some good stuff right there.

As exciting as the 10K looks to have been, the men's 5K appears to be the race of the night, however, as the top four finishers were clustered between 13:14 and 13:20 with Kenyan transplant Bernard Lagat taking the cake. The great equalizer here appears to be the lanky one's middle-distance background as he edged out Matt Tegenkamp and Dathan Ritzenhein, both of whom ran significant PR's despite being edged out at the line. Old-man Goucher wasn't too far behind in fourth, as another one of Alberto's Oregon Project experiments had himeself a fine evening. Impressive race on a number of fronts, but particularly for Teg who has quietly lurking behind the scenes for most of the spring. Hopefully this is a sign of some good things and fast times to come later in the European summer for American distance runners.

Lastly, a notable result from the men's 1500 meter heats was the rousing return from the dead of former national champion Gabe Jennings. The gnarly one ran 3:39, by far his best race in six years better spent riding bikes across South America, reaching never-before attained levels of personal spirituality and playing around with a 2:19 marathon debut. He catches a lot of shit for his wacky ways, but good for him. Whatever hallucinations he still has of himself being successful at the highest levels of this sport apparently haven't faded yet. Rock on with yo' wild self.

And that's gonna do it for tonight. Late night here at work and an early morning workout on the horizon don't leave me a lot of time for much else at the moment. Take it easy all.

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Your buddy Adam got a mention in this article. Hope he does well.,0,3105532.story?coll=hc-headlines-sports