Saturday, June 24, 2006

Planning ahead

This morning marked our training group's much-anticipated marathon meeting with Kevin in an effort to introduce and coordinate training schedules for the big day on October 22nd. In short, I believe it went quite well.

Our program was developed a few years back by the original Reebok Boston maestro, Bob Sevene, and from what I understand it's the same basic schedule executed with great success by a lot of Sev's marathoners, including Blake Russell, Rusty Snow and a host of others. This 12-week plan more or less emphasizes a weekly PMP (proposed marathon pace) run, long run and occasional longer intervals. On the whole, the thing seems pretty sound and obviously has produced some outstanding results. Some minor tweaking will inevitably take place to account for individual differences and preferences, but I more or less plan on following the it to the T in my quest for a Trials qualifier.

Along with my (Insert Sponser Here) Boston teammates Ryan, Brad, Pat and Voce, there's a large local contingent gearing up for the annual Windy City waltz and training for this sucker with this motley crew promises to be an exciting time in itself. There's a great deal of enthusiasm amongst us here in New England and above anything else I'm just pumped to be a part of it. The energy is contagious. I know deep down that if I can make it to the starting line in one piece, the result I'm looking for will take care of itself.

And that does it for tonight. Time to head home and get my tired ass some much-needed rest. Take it easy all.

Quote of the day:

Don't count the days. Make the days count.
- Muhammad Ali

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