Saturday, June 28, 2008

Overdue outline

Believe it or not, I've got stuff to write about, but as is usually the case I don't have enough time to actually write, which presents a bit of a problem. I've got a few minutes right now, however, so here's a rough outline of a couple things I hope to touch upon sometime in the next millenium.

*Olympic Trials. First of all, I wish I was there, but I'm not, so my off-the-cuff commentary from across the country will just have to do. Day 1, or Night 1 for that matter, certainly didn't disappoint. If it weren't already known, Shalane Flanagan showed once again why she's the best female distance runner in the country, but it was Amy Begley who stole the show with her third-place, 31-minute, 43.6-second finish in the women's 10,000. From what I'm reading she, 1. PR'd by 16 seconds, 2. snuck under the Olympic A-standard, and 3. closed her second 5K in 15:33. Yes, 15:33, just 9 seconds off her all-time best 5,000. Sick.

* Training. Sorry, I've flat out sucked in providing any insight as to what I've been up to lately. I think that bringing back the Weekly Wrap-Up might not be such a bad idea.

* Running shoes. I manage a specialty running store, and as more people than I care to think about have mentioned to me lately, I apparently have this scary ability to remember people's shoes and sizes. I'll get more into this in another entry, but if I've ever run with you, leave a comment with your name and I'll rack my brain and see what I can come up with.

There's probably more to add, but because of - you guessed it - time constraints, that's gonna do it for now. I'll expound upon the above points at a later date and time, hopefully just not too late.

Take it easy out there in Blogland.

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