Sunday, June 22, 2008

Goose egg and scrambled eggs

I didn't run today, my second zero in as many weeks. No, I'm not hurt and no, I'm not quitting the sport - just a little tired, that's all. Upon waking this morning I had this wild revelation that giving my legs a rest every once in a while might actually be of some benefit.

That, and JC stopped by on his way out to California and much breakfast was eaten at The Coffee Mug.

So let's recap...
1. Tired legs + full stomach = day off.
2. Worcester, Mass. is on the way to Chino Hills, California.

Note it.

1 comment:

Ryan said...

“Worcester, Mass. is on the way to Chino Hills, California.”

One more piece of evidence that Ptolemy was correct in his first, albeit lesser known, theory of "Worcestercentrism" which argued that Worcester, MA, not the earth nor the sun, is indeed the center of the universe.