Sunday, June 03, 2007

And on the 7th day...

...I rode my bike -- 26.4 miles to be exact. Nice little backroads tour of Hudson, Stow, Berlin, Sudbury and Marlboro this morning with Ryan, Christy Mae and Dan. We burned up the blacktop at an average clip of 17 mph, prompting phone calls afterward from various pro teams looking to shore up their Tour de France rosters in a month's time. What can I say? Ectomorphic aerobic machines with good climbing skills are at a premium these days. Remember, we're much more than cyclists -- we're runners on bikes.

Quote of the day:

In running, you always have competitor out there. You always have the clock to beat and the clock always wins. So there is always something to strive for. With other sports it is easy to blame it on a bad game. A receiver can say that his quarterback didn’t throw him the ball. A quarterback can say that his receiver dropped a pass. You can’t do that with running. In running, it is all you.
- Matt Pelletier


Greg said...

Wow, 2 posts in 3 days. You're on a roll!

S. M. Miller said...

Very nice blog. I look forward to reading more of your entries. Great job running smart (and fast!) in your debut 'thon!