Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bounty on my legs

Perhaps one of the funniest things I've ever read in my life. Paul Collyer never ceases to amaze me.

An Cù Liath Irish Pub City Run
Worcester, MA, April 2, 2007
Overall results
By Scott Stevens...Literary training: Somerville High ;)

An Cù Liath Irish Pub11 Kelley SquareWorcester, Massachusetts 01610Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Dash for cash in Worcester.....Two weeks in a row Mario Fraioli runs, two weeks in a row Mario Fraioli wins. Seems like this may be the future of our Monday Night Run. Mario is a superstar on the rise in New England road racing and tough to beat in any race. Another New England Road Racing superstar, race director extraordinaire P.W. Collyer has put up $100.00 cash to anyone who can beat "Super Mario" on Monday April 23, 2007. That's right one hundred George Washingtons right out of his own pocket. Not sure if it was the Guinness talking or not but it came out of his mouth and he is a man of his word. Worcester may or may not be a breeding ground for superstar athletes but one thing is for sure and that is money talks. If there are any speedsters out there let's hope they're listening. Paulie has an extra hundred burning a hole in his pocket and he wants to get rid of it.You beat "Super Mario" and win the race, it's yours. It is that simple!

In case you missed it check out the article from Sundays Telegram & Gazette about the run. The word is getting out there that this a race not to be missed. It is the only weekly race in the city and in fact one of very few races in the city. We have many regulars and most of them are friendly and welcoming of newcomers. Come down any Monday Night and be ready to run.


Race web site

Route Map

3.5 Mile results:

1. Mario Fraioli Auburn 20:10 NBB
2. Peter Wojtas Greenville 23:29 CMS
3. Seamus Shanley Worcester 26:30 CMS
4. Kevin Morrisey Worcester 26:30.01
5. John Joyce Worcester 27:12 CMS
6. Karen Berni-Giarusso Worcester 28:01 CMS
7. Joe Carpenter Rochdale 28:26 RRR
8. Scott Stevens Holden 28:28 SSAC
9. Eddie Sanborn Worcester 28:30
10. Susan Leo-Johnson Worcester 31:07 BOB
11. Ken Dudley 31:17 CMS
12. Tracy Flynn Shrewsbury 32:39 CMS
13. Tony Lucia Agawam 35:14 EORC
14. Cyndy Curley Sterling 35:30 CMS

4.6 Mile Course:

1. Sarah Joyce Worcester 36:36 CMS
2. Dave Krom Worcester 36:38 CMS

1 Mile course:

1. Paul Curley Sterling 12:13 FBO

CMS= Central Mass Striders
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
NBB= New Balance Boston
RRR= Rochdale Road Runners
FBO= Fat Bar Owners
BOB= Bringer of Brownies
EORC= Empire one Running Club


GW said...

Nice articles, Mario. Does this mean I could show up on the 23rd... and you could just happen to get a stitch at some point in the race... and mysteriously find $50 under your pint of Killian's afterward?

corrado giambalvo said...

Grande Mario! I had some catching up to do but really, nice progressing, super nice running! You are going to fly on patriot's day!