Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy trail

An easy 45-minute jaunt this morning on the lovely little path pictured to your left. My feet never touched the pavement and the rest of my body loved every minute of it.

Anyway, here's where I currently stand -- 7 weeks out from my 26.2-mile debut at VCM...

75, 80 and 85 miles the last 3 weeks since New Bedford. No uber-impressive workouts to speak of, but a few solid sessions of note included a progression run on 3/23, closing the last 2 miles in 5:15, 5:11, a steady 19 on the Stu's 30K course with Greg on 3/25 and an ugly 5-mile tempo in 27:43 with Ryan on 3/27. Last Tuesday night we had a big group come together for 3 x 2-miles in 10:16, 10:16, 10:08 on the Charles and yesterday I fartleked 21 miles with LalalaRosa and Dan the Man, hitting a couple miles hard in the middle and finishing up the last 3-1/2 at a steady clip. Again, nothing crazy, but very consistent. After a couple years of training like a knucklehead, I now realize it's that second C-word that's going to lead me to a PR.

Anyway, Boston's just a week away and New England will be well represented with a solid local crew making its way to the starting line. While the rest of us bitch and moan, for their sake I hope the cooler weather sticks around just long enough that it's smooth sailing from Hopkinton into Boston on April 16. Best of luck to Ryan, Terry, Ely, Borling, Callahan, Bernie, Friedman, both Moultons, Kieron, Greg Saia, Kasie Enman, Kimmy, Emily, Andrea, Kristin and anyone else I'm unintentionally forgetting. Kick some ass!

Quote of the last week:

I vote for Fridays, not that I am ever there. It would give me two weekend nights to drink instead of one.

Mark Coogan, in response to switching Saturday morning practices to Friday night


mpdriscoll said...

Dude - are you going to watch the race on monday, or do you have to be at work?

alex said...
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kemibe said...

Mario, did you get yourself into the "elite" field at UVM? Is Zeke still in charge? Also, like the last fella asked, are you watching the race in person? Shoot me an e-mail -- I'l be in town(s) from Saturday through Monday or Tuesday.

mpdriscoll said...

update yer blog!