Sunday, March 25, 2007

No more workin' for the weekend

9:47 on a Sunday night, I'm sitting comfortably on my ass watching TV, and it's everything I dreamed it would be. I'm still coming to grips with this abundance of free time and the absence of eight additional hours in my workday, but I think I'll eventually get used to it.

My newfound earlier bed time -- and subsequent pre-sunrise wakeup calls -- have been a bit of adjustment, but I'm enjoying having a little more structure to my sleeping schedule and to be honest its nice to have my main workout done before 9 a.m. In the long run -- no pun intended -- this should make race day early wakeup calls a little more manageable as well.

Speaking of managing things, life in my new position at PR Running is off to a good start. Actually, it's more a continuation of something that was already maintaining a steady rhythm, but I'm enjoying my added responsibilities as Rich's right-hand man and just having an overall good time with a couple of fun co-workers who make the hours go by at a fast clip. When 'work' hardly feels like work, you know you're in a good situation.

As for my running situation, that's looking good right now too. I came off New Bedford pretty well, and my two planned easy days of 5 miles on Monday and Tuesday proved to be a wise decision. By Wednesday my legs were back to normal, but I waited until Friday before kicking the intensity back up again. Greg and I paid tribute to old Stu Thurston today by touring his masterfully designed 30K course around the Wachusett Reservoir, but unfortunately the combination of undulating terrain, brisk pace, nagging cold and poor choice of Magner's Irish cider, pizza, nachos, pigs in a blanket and chocolate-covered strawberries for dinner last night didn't leave me feeling as energetic as I had hoped. I still got in a solid 19-mile run on a tough course so the main objective was accomplished, and that's whats most important. I was just glad to have Greg's company out there and equally as glad to get this one over with.

Well, it's about time I get this entry over with as well and get ready to hit the hay in an hour or so. Until next time, take it easy.

Quote of the day:

If you sit and talk to Steve Ovett you sense immediately for him it was always about winning races. I can’t think why you’d be doing the sport if you’re not trying to win the races. That’s what it is supposed to be about but we seem to have lost a generation who think like that.
- Nic Bideau, coach of Craig Mottram

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