Thursday, April 16, 2009

Death Notice

The daily runaround is dead - not mostly dead, or even slightly alive - but all dead, so I suggest you start searching through old posts to see if you can come up with any loose change.

This car hasn't come to a screeching halt, but rather the wheels have gradually fallen off over the last month to the point where the vehicle has just stopped running altogether. I feel terrible that this has happened, and happened the way it did, but quite honestly the motivation to make this page live up to its catchy name just isn't there anymore. I tried to keep the battery charged recently by posting my weekly training log, but let's face it, there's not much excitement in numbers. It's the words I once weaved so wonderfully that made the magic here, but unfortunately I won't be pulling any new tricks out of my hat anytime soon.

That said, I will not bury this blog. I'll keep the casket open so that anyone who wants to get a look at what once was the daily runaround can do so on their own time. And who knows, maybe this thing is really just cryogenically frozen and will eventually come back to life someday. Not likely, but crazier shit has happened.

Thanks for reading.

the daily runaround, 1.1.06-4.16.09


JARRIN said...

Mario this is sad news.

But as I said in my blog earlier this week "there's a happy medium somewhere and as is the case with many things in life, that medium changes..."

I hope you find the time and desire to come back.


Anonymous said...

What!?!?!?! Where will I get my dose of all things Mario? Nintendo? I think not! We have to do something.

What to do? I don't know.


mquintal6 said...

This sucks. So your blog is frozen like Ted williams' head?

Anonymous said...

What am I going to use to bore me to sleep now?

Anonymous said...


k.gwyth said...

Drisc and I have discussed it, and we both agree that we like numbers!

rubensanca said...

what happened?

Anonymous said...

that's some cold shit man. it's been good reading though. keep doing your thing

maria conley said...

Mario, you can't do this to me(us). I have being following you for a while. You can't leave me. Please come back soon!!

Scott said...


A big French-Canadian guy named Mario once came out of retirement, so maybe your running log will as well.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Run Around = Ted Williams Head???!