Friday, October 17, 2008

No news day

For those who are curious, I've got no news on the MRI front, except for a rescheduled appointment to 7:45 tomorrow morning because HMO's apparently exist on making things difficult for those who carry their type of insurance.

I won't even get into the load of BS I've been through the past couple days, but luckily I've got some great people working on my behalf and after jumping over this fence and running into that wall this thing is finally gonna get done, and more importantly, be covered.

And that's about it. Bay State is two days away and I'll be heading up there to give a good yell for this guy, this gal, this animal, this gal, as well as this guy and a whole host of others I wish I was joining for a 26.2-mile stroll around scenic Lowell.


Anonymous said...

hey Mario,
hope you get better! corrado

Anonymous said...

I for one loved seeing you there today. Thank you for your support!

this gal 2

Caitlyn Clark said...

Who is "this animal" because I ran the bridge of flowers and the Ollie along side him I believe...

Hope you feel better soon! and thanks for that quote and comment the other day!