Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back on track

It's no first person Olympic Trials recap (still waitin' on it JC!), but here's the rough data from tonight's track workout, my first in three weeks.

5 x 1K @ 3:08.62, 3:07.80, 3:08.44, 3:07.16, 3:05.63 w/200m jog recovery in 1:10-1:30, 2 x 800m in 2:25.77, 2:21.56 w/1:00 recovery.

Since everyone else's season is pretty much over I flew solo on this one, and all things considered it went pretty well. I felt strong and Kevin said I looked smooth, so I'll take it. Basically I'm in maintenance mode right now until Beach 2 Beacon on August 2nd, then I'll shut it down for a week and then it's full steam ahead to Bay State on October 19. Heard rumor that this guy might possibly be joining me for a scenic 26.2-mile tour of Lowell. Boy, that would be just swell.


K.Gwyth said...

I believe that post Baystate = visit to Asheville...yes? yes!

no pressure.

~ K to the Gwyth

Jeff Caron said...

OK, OK, I'll get on it! Check back tomorrow.

mpdriscoll said...

K. Gwyth is incorrect. You should come pre-baystate for a training camp!

Mom said...

Mario, Jeff connected me (Diane, Jeff's Mom) to this blog. I am in tears from reading about your Mom! So very sorry for your loss, Mario!! My sympathies go out to you and the rest of the Fraioli and Kirwin families. God bless you all!